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We know Dallas. It gets hot. It gets cold. And it changes within minutes. You need your AC to cool and your furnace to heat, and you need it to work at all times. We’ll get your home HVAC system installed, working and maintained, keeping you comfortable no matter the Texas weather.



Building a new home? Upgrading an old one? We’ll get your new air conditioning unit up and cooling. We install all makes and models, including TRANE CleanEffects, heat pumps, 2-stage condensers, standard furnaces, 3-stage furnaces, TRANE FreshEffects™, comfort controls and air handlers. Call our knowledgeable sales team for help finding the exact HVAC unit to suit your needs.


We guarantee our highly trained specialists will repair your air conditioning, heating system or split system swiftly and effectively. We also offer extended warranties for all of our installations and repairs.


Routine maintenance prolongs the life of your HVAC system – which saves you money. We can clean your ducts and perform other maintenance tasks, keeping your air conditioning humming as long as possible.


In addition to keeping you at a comfortable temperature, HVAC units play an important role in improving the air you breathe. Our trained specialists will perform a thorough check of your system to see where air quality can be improved, such as by increasing airflow and eliminating common pollutants. We offer a wide range of air filtration systems and air balance systems to maximize your indoor air quality.


Like sleeping in a cool bedroom, but don’t want to waste money cooling the whole house at night? Zoned AC units manage the flow of conditioned air in your home, giving you excellent control over the temperature of individual rooms. We’ll help you choose and install the ideal zoning system, so your family never argues over the thermostat again.

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TRANE Energy Tax Credit

Homeowners who purchase heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, water heating equipment, or make other energy-related improvements between now and 12/31/10 may be eligible for the Energy Tax Credit.

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"It seemed like every month my bills got bigger, no matter what I did. Until I called Walker. They told me all my AC needed was a good cleaning, and I wouldn’t even need a new system. They were in and out in the same day.”

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